Residence Stewardship: « Home Manager »

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Homeland Services adapts to the needs of its customers, to make their lives easier. Our services « A la Carte » guarantee a customized service and reasonable prices.

  • Managing the owner’s stays: starting heating and hot water tanks, arrival food and drinks restocking, housecleaning checkup.
  • For maintenance or refurbishment, sourcing contractors, submit quotes and bids to the owner for approval and decision making.
  • Regular site work checks, checking the contractor is working according to quote.
  • Carry out work on specific problems: water damage, electrical short-circuit …
  • Through our network of providers selected by us, we can intervene effectively in a timely manner.
  • Regular progress reporting of site work.
  • Administrative management of various contracts: France Telecom, EDF …
  • Representing the owner at the general meeting of owners.
  • Regular thorough house checks
  • Garden maintenance.