Our other interventions

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At the request of our customers, we have made special services.

Equipment of a mansion (linens, dishes, appliances)

  • Precise details of requirements by the owner,
  • Establish a check list and an estimated budget,
  • Purchases (from the spoon to the dryer through the laundry required in all rooms and bathrooms),
  • Organization and management of deliveries,
  • Point by Point check against checklist,
  • Receiving, arranging and storing,
  • Budget reporting,
  • Checking the telephone and Internet.

Relocation of two colleagues, American and Spanish, a major French company, hired for a senior position in Paris

  • Apartment Search (assisted by our partner real estate),
  • Organization of the move,
  • Logistical assistance for moving into the apartment,
  • Assistance with administrative formalities: opening a bank account, Navigo pass, linking with Fiscalists International Lawyers for tax returns.

Organization of the move and set-up of furniture of a mansion of 450 m²

Complete professional cleaning of a duplex of 470 m² for sale that had not been occupied for 30 years