Rental Assistance

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You want to rent your home. We assist you from beginning to end.

Before renting:

  • Compliance requirements,
  • Completion of repairs,
  • Removal of personal effects,
  • Preparation of bedding,
  • Detailed inventory,
  • Complete cleaning, laundry,
  • Verifying the proper working condition of appliances,
  • Renewal of equipment (eg used duvets, broken crockery …)

Letting and tenant welcoming

  • Search for best-suited real estate partner to the property (especially for prestige homes),
  • Inventory of fixtures,
  • Completion of repairs, preparation of all bedding, detailed inventory, full housekeeping, laundry, checking the correct operational status of appliances,
  • Handing of the keys,
  • Instructions for the use of appliances,
  • Detailed tour of the apartment,
  • Special instructions.

During renting

Homeland Services is the partner of the tenant throughout the term of the lease.

After renting

  • Inspection and inventory before departure.
  • Refurbishment of your residence before next rental.